Serge VCM by Random*Source

Building instructions by Dr. Wiener
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Connect your pin strips to your precision header.

Carefully cut with a blade or your wire snippers.

You need to cut or snip off:
3 pieces with 8 connection points,
It's best to line the sharpest part of the snipper directly in the notch.

The following photos is for reference how to cut the headers with your snippers. 
DO NOT cut off the number of headers shown.

Set your precision headers aside.
Please leave the pin-strips inside.

Please get aquainted with your trim pots:

P104 = 100k = trimmers 

Please solder them to the correct side of the boards.
< image soon >

Please mount the brass standoffs to the front PCB Tighten Screw.
< image soon >

Lay the precision stips you cut in the pcb.
< image soon >

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