Serge VCFS by Random*Source

Random*Source VCFS Documentation and Module Information

	First cut seperate your pcbs at the break points with a utility knife. 

	If SMT soldering scares you, skip this step and take the through hole alternative... You will be happy either way!  

	Installing 1 SMT chip is fairly easy with the proper equipment, but even if you have a regular soldering iron, it can be easy with a little patience. 

	First ad a dab of solder on one of the pads.


	Next place the SMT with the dot and R facing the notch mark on the PCB. 

	Solder the SMT in place... Watch some youtube videos - use some flux.  Use a tiny amount of solder.  Bust out your magnafying glass! Have fun.
	Prepare your resistors to place on the front PCB. 
	Solder 22k for RM1 and RM2.  36k is RAF 

	Cut your Precision Headers with clippers or a utility knife.
	Please cut a 8, 6, 4, and 2 header. 

	Place the headers in the PCBs. 
	Add the spacers and tighten the screw on the front PCB.

	Lightly tighen the screws on the other side. 
Solder your headers to both PCBs

Remove the screws you lightly tightened. 

Check your solder points, and then if all is good, carefully seperate the PCBs.

	Place the 10R resistors. 

	Place the rest of the resistors and diodes according to the Random*Source Build Guide. 
	Now we are on to the headers! 
	Header Time!

	Please seperate the 16 pin header into two strips to use for the that chips.	
	Solder in the headers please!
	Silver Mica : 270pF & 2x 15pf	
	Styroflex 220pf	
	FILM! 10n and 470n

	Solder in the Caps and transistor (s) according to the R*S Build Guide.
	if you built SMT, yours will look like the photos, otherwise you will have to add the other two transistors in the bag market smt or through hole to Q1 and Q3.
Solder in the Trimmer and the Power header~  These are your last parts for the Main PCB!!! Woot.

After you are done, look closely at your work and make sure you don't have any bad solder joints, or shorts.... If all checks out. Move to the next step. 
	Place the chips OPA in top two positions, and TL072 in the bottom 3. 
	Place the chips in the right direction please!
	Single out your 250k pot - It has the washer and nut still on.  

	Cut off the notch with your snippers.  

	Place the b250k pot in the bottom middle position. 

	Place the rest of the front panel parts.. DO not solder now. 

	Gently lay the front panel on top of all the parts
	Guiding and slightly caressing them into place.   
	You shouldn't need to use force, just a lot of gentle wiggling. 

	Make sure all the pins from jacks and pots are coming through the holes they should be in the PCB!  

	Hand tighten all the nuts for the jacks.
	Add the washers and nuts for the potentiometers. 

If everything looks occupied correctly, now you can solder it! 

Connect the two PCBs together and check your work. 

Have fun!

Calibrate by ear.   Plug a v/o source into an osc and the v/o input and turn the trimmer to your liking.


This exact filter you just built is used on the bass in the video below!